Wastegate Merge Adapters

Sequence Manufacturing

Wastegate merge adapter 


Sequence Manufacturing has partnered with Stainless Bros. to design this one-of-a-kind SS304 wastegate merge adapter.  This part was designed to save countless hours of labor, and what feels like endless amounts of money in consumables trying to open up and fit up tubing for the wastegate outlet.  In most situations the tubing is run from the manifold to the turbo, and after all of that fabrication work is complete you are left dreading the process of adding the wastegate.  Any sort of a gap in the fitment on either side of the joint results in failure nearly every single time.  Even with perfect fitment and precise welding, this is still the most prone to failure part of any turbo system due to the different expansion rates of the smaller and larger diameter tubes. – UNTIL NOW!

Utilizing the highest quality investment castings available, the one-piece design eliminates the weld joint that is most likely to fail.  The wastegate merge adapter was made as compact as possible, at just over 3”, while optimizing exhaust flow priority to the wasetegate, eliminating boost creep.  (wastegate(s) must be properly sized for the engine/turbo configuration).   The inlets and outlets are cnc machined to allow for the exhaust tubing to be inserted .060” to make fit-up much easier, and make for a stronger weld joint.  The high quality castings weld very nice, and an experienced welder can easily achieve full penetration as well.  Available in both 2.25 and 2.5” inlet and outlet with a 1.875” outlet for the wastegate (inlet size on 44mm wastegate flanges).  There is enough space to weld the flange directly to the wastegate merge adapter, or you can weld tubing directly to the outlet if you need to position the wastegate in a different position.  We suggest keeping this tube as short as possible as it will be supporting the weight of the wastegate.


Whether you are building a one off turbo kit in your garage at home as an enthusiast, or you are building large production runs of turbo systems as a professional, these will save you countless hours of labor and increase your profit.  Eliminate the weakest link of any turbo system and save yourself a ton of headaches and the need to potentially perform warranty work!

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